• SumoMe

Well that is a ridiculous statement, right? Potential being the worst thing you can have.  I must be off my rocker.

You know, maybe I am. (But, maybe I’m not…)

In all honesty, I actually believe that having potential is great as long as the thing that you have potential for isn’t something that you are striving for.

When we talk about a child having potential to do great things (in the future) – that’s fantastic.  But, when we say the same about an adult we may actually be throwing out an insult of sorts.

I actually had this happen to me recently and that’s what prompted this post.

I was having a conversation with someone whom I hold a great deal of respect for and he told me that I had the potential to be great at something. Now while he was saying that as a positive statement and as encouragement, I didn’t quite take it that way.

Here’s what it boils down to-  If you have the potential for something it basically means that you have not been able to accomplish it.

And, this isn’t about failing.  There’s no shame in failing if you give it your best. In fact, most successful people are also the biggest failures that you know.

What I am talking about is actually having the ability to be successful but falling short. It’s the worst thing there is – not living up to one’s potential.

While I may have the potential to be great – it actually sucks! It means that I haven’t done enough to actually be great.  I need to do more! I will do more!

So here’s to you – I hope you never leave your potential unrealized…