• SumoMe

So I am sure you noticed that I didn’t mention WHAT it is that’s even being contemplated to start… Reason being: It doesn’t matter. The BEST time is right now!

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you have flying around you at the present moment. The timing will never be perfect. Your stars and planets are not going to align and there isn’t going to be some magical fairy to come and tell you that “this is it, everything is a go.” The absolute perfect time doesn’t exist, it never will. There will always be reasons for you to put things off.

You know what? That is great- It’s fantastic. Why? Because it makes RIGHT NOW the perfect time.

I don’t care what it is that you want to do or accomplish- get it started right now. The only certainty that you have if you don’t start is that whatever it is that you want will NEVER come to fruition.

Now is the time to take action, heck there has never been a better time. There are less than 100 days left in this year. Wouldn’t it be great to be moving toward your goals as opposed to being stuck trapped by some self-inflicted fear or drowning in analysis paralysis?

Make it great!