• SumoMe

Here in the U.S. we just celebrated the 233rd anniversary of this great country’s independence from Great Britain. But what exactly does that mean? American Flag

Of course there is the obvious answer; that it is the most notable day (and arguably most important) in our country’s history.  But, 233 years after the fact, when society as a whole has learned to take so much for granted, what do the masses really think?

Now I cannot claim to have any insight other than what I personally observe or that which I have heard firsthand but what I have seen is that July 4th garnishes excitement in people not necessarily because of its historic importance but rather because it is a time for great barbecues, awe inspiring fireworks displays, an excuse to consume great quantities of beer and liquor and let’s not forget that most important of reasons: the highly coveted DAY OFF FROM WORK…

I think it is fantastic that we as a society do show a greater sense of partiotism during this time but I often wonder if people, while in this “heightened sense” of appreciation towards independence, ever take the time to think about their own independence? Even if they do, do they ever act upon it?

The sad reality is no, they stay stuck in their present situation regardless of how unhappy they are.  Why? I don’t know if anyone but them does, if they are so lucky.  It is far easier to stay stuck in a current situation; good, bad, right, wrong or indifferent, than it is to take action and make a change. Or so they think…

The truth of the matter is that it is much easier to make a change, even a monumental change, than most people believe. You see, it all starts with a choice and it is a simple as that. Choose to change your life, follow it with some inspired action and watch the amazing transformation take place.

Unfortunately most people have been conditioned to think that the road to success and wealth is a long and painful journey.  It’s time to throw conventional “wisdom” out the window and realize that the Information Age has presented us with opportunities that were once only available to the wealthy, those in the know.  Opportunities that can give anyone the life the know they deserve.

Not everyone is at a point in their life where they are ready to make a change and that’s fine. For those who are and are ready to do something, to make a change and who will not fall prey to the ill fated logic that life has to be tough, click here.