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Send Out Cards is absolutely amazing. Imagine being able to send “store bought quality” greeting cards right from the comfort of your home. Well, now you can and guess what?

You can do it for a fraction of the cost!

You can even add personal text and upload your own photos to give you cards a real personal touch.

See just how easy it is and send a couple cards
on me! That’s right, I’ll pick up the tab so you
can send a card to someone you love and send
one to yourself because you deserve it (and you
can see how great the quality is.)

Now SOC is great for anyone. A SOCbox is great for those who only need to send a few cards a year while those looking to do more can obtain a wholesale or entrepreneur package. (After sending your free cards, feel free to contact me for more information.)

In addition to sending out regular cards (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.) I also use SOC as a tool to help support my other business by sending out direct mail postcards to prospective customers/partners.

Dollar Card Marketing is one of the coolest off-line forms of marketing that I have ever seen. Check out this video that shows the new order of cards that I recently received. I can hardly believe how real these things look.

People pick them up, keep them & show them off!

Here’s what the product looks like…

And here’s what my card actually looks like

Mike Dillard Products

Mike Dillard has put together some of the very best educational resources for today’s home business owners and marketers. He also gives away some great info for FREE…

Need an AutoResponder…

If you’re looking for a lead capture and autoresponder service that you can fully customize and manage then Aweber is the resource for you.

They provide a great service – especially if you like being in control over what you send to your email list.

Looking for Web Hosting?

HostGator Rocks! This is the second hosting company that I have used and I absolutely love HostGator. They are easy to use and provide unbelievable service and value.

Check out books I recommend here…

Please note that if you click through these links and make a purchase that I do receive a commission from the seller. I would like you to know that all of the items and books listed above are things that I have actually used or read and are not just here for me to make money but because I believe they are worth having. (Believe me, if that were the case there would be many more items, but I wouldn’t feel right recommending many of the items/books I have had over the years.)