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WestJet Airlines Brings
Christmas Cheer [Video]

I’m not a fan of too many major corporations and to be honest, before today I wasn’t even familiar with the Canadian airline WestJet.

Now I am a huge fan of theirs and wish I had an opportunity to fly them.

It is way better to give than to receive…

Check out this amazing video where WestJet brings cheer and joy to some very lucky customers during the 2013 Christmas Season…

What WestJet did here was nothing short of amazing.  The best part was that they enabled their employees to partake and assist in the event.

Pay close attention to the reaction of some of the employees and you can see how much joy and excitement that they had.

Some companies may have written a check, some may have done nothing.  WestJet changed people’s lives, not just those who received gifts but  also the employees that were able to experience the true gift of giving AND thanks to social media, all of us that have an opportunity to watch what they did and to share in the feelings of hope and gratitude that abound.

This isn’t their first rodeo…

The video above has been featured on morning talk shows and is flying all around the Internet via social media.  By the time you watch it, who knows how many millions of views it will have.

But most people don’t know that WestJet did something similar last year.  They basically had a Christmas Flash Mob.

Yes, the 2013 “miracle” definitely stepped it up a notch, but their efforts in 2012 shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Here is their video from Christmas 2012:

Why’d they do it?

Watch WestJet vice-president Richard Bartrem describe the 2013 Christms Miracle…

A company I’d actually like to work for…

As I mentioned earlier, I think there is a lot of bad in the corporate world.  WestJet is a company that has me believing that there may just be some hope yet.

Hopefully the viral nature of this video and the public’s reaction to it will have an impact on other companies and corporations across the globe.

What do you think?

After watching those videos, what do you think?

Did they leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?  Did they make you feel like there is hope for this world yet?

Let me know your thoughts below…