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The Single Biggest Reason For
Failure In Network Marketing

You hear statistics thrown around all over the Internet about the success and failure rates of home-based business entrepreneurs.

The most common is that 97% of people attempting to run a “successful” home-based business will fail, leaving a whopping 3% with the life they are looking for.

Now who knows if that number is accurate or not.  I can’t imagine that anyone is really doing the statistical workup to generate an accurate number.  Besides, it’s a moving target any way.

But who cares if it’s accurate or not because it’s damn close.  At least that what my experience has taught me (and I’ve been on both sides of that fence).

So why is there such disparity here?
Why is there so much failure in Network Marketing?

Let’s first take a look at Network Marketing in general.

There are literally thousands of different companies out there and yet for the most part, they have very similar numbers when it comes to “success” vs. “failure” (or at least that’s what their income disclosure statements indicate).

So based on that, we can’t necessarily blame a company or a system for this inequality.

What next?

If you’ve ever done your homework on the Network Marketing industry as a whole, you’ll certainly know that one of the greatest selling points is that Network Marketing provides everyone the same opportunity for success.  It is a “level playing field.”

That’s actually a very accurate statement.  It’s true that each and every person that gets involved has an opportunity to outperform anyone else in the company. (Yes, yes, yes I know that people who get in early as opposed to late make more money, but that’s a timing thing more than an opportunity thing and still doesn’t explain the disparity.)

Then it’s not Network Marketing the business model that’s to blame.  (Robert Kiyosaki actually has referred to Network Marketing as the “Humane was to do business” because it lifts people up rather than tears people down.)

0-for-2, what’s next…

Well, maybe it’s the people.  Now we are on the right track – at least getting closer.

We know Network Marketing works.  Heck, industry wide it’s working very well for 3% of those who have taken it on.

And, that 3% isn’t just made up of people who have been in a company since its initial launch.  No, there are plenty of new people every day that are joining the ranks of “the successful”.  Geez, I bet some of them started after you.  (I know they started after me. LOL)

So then, is it just the person that make the difference?

In a way, yes. It certainly explains why two people can start the same opportunity, on the same day, with similar qualifications and experiences (life & work) and one person fails miserably, I mean they just can’t seem to do anything right, while the other person hits it right out of the park from the get go.

But, I don’t necessarily think that a persons success or failure is predetermined.  I don’t think there is a “type” that will succeed while another type is destined to fail.

I also don’t think that it is all about a persons “Network Marketing skills” that makes or breaks the deal.

From what I have seen, there is one, yes ONE, primary reason that so many people fall flat on their faces in Network Marketing.


Inaction is the primary reason for
failure in Network Marketing

So what exactly is Inaction?

Believe it or not, it’s not as cut-and-dry as you might think.

Of course, doing nothing would certainly suffice as inaction and to be honest, there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of people that sign up, pay their fee and then don’t do a damn thing.

I’ve been that person and I know I’m not alone.

But let’s take inaction and define it here as the antonym of action or more specifically, taking action on income producing activities.

You see, there are tons of people who get into Network Marketing and spend a great deal of time on their business.

They read everything, listen to everything, analyze everything (analysis paralysis ring a bell?), make sure that every detail on everything they do is perfect (from websites to auto responders, from videos to audios, etc.).

They are busy but they are busy doing things that aren’t going to make them any money. And because of that they will experience failure in Network Marketing.

This form of inaction is extremely crippling because the person feels as though they are working hard.  They feel as though they should be getting results.  They feel as though they are doing what’s necessary to be successful and maybe they just aren’t good enough at it.

And they might just be missing it by the smallest of margins but they quit.  Or worse, they continue to spend time doing things that just don’t generate income.

(Can you tell I’ve had some experience here???)

The single most important thing for anyone to focus on, especially newbies is to focus the majority of your time on INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES.

You need to be in ACTION not INACTION.

For instance, in my current company I know that for me to hit my goals I need to have 10-20 people a day opt in to my capture page and ultimately watch our video.  That’s it! Nothing More.

All I need to do is get enough people to my capture page so that 10-20 opt-in.

The rest will take care of itself.

I love doing videos.

I love doing audios.

I love doing recorded presentations.

I love writing.

But none of that will get me visitors to my site right now.  Yes, they may help generate leads down the road, but right now, they’re not.

So I must focus on getting people to my capture page before I do anything else…

…or I will fail.

that will allow you to avoid failure in Network Marketing!