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Why YOU Need an Additional Stream of Income AND Why It Should Be Residual & Passive… Let’s face it, this is a very volatile economy that we live in today. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job… It’s probably not as safe and secure as it once was. Face it – your company […]

How YOU Can Make Real Money With Your iPhone I know that sounds ludicrous. But it’s true. How can you make money with an iPhone? I’m not talking about trading in an old iPhone model for chump change or anything like that. THINK BIGGER… What I am talking about is you having the ability to […]

Is there a downside to accepting responsibility? Accepting responsibility can be one of the most powerful decisions that a person can make. Rather than playing the victim and believing that they are a product of circumstances, thus giving up any chance of ever having control, a person that accepts responsibility effectively grabs the wheel and […]

Listen Now To Learn Who You Should Listen To. So now we have talked about the “Law of Association” and  you know that it is critically important for you to spend time listening to and learning from people that are more successful than you. Well this should come as no surprise then… They are the […]

The Harder You Work… The Luckier You Get! This was one of my favorite quotes when I was younger. While there is logic behind it and it does make sense, especially in certain arenas, it may just be flawed. Personally it made my path more difficult than it had to be.  Have a listen: Here’s […]

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