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Forced to make a difficult decision to leave my last opportunity, all things work themselves out and I found myself in the perfect place – at the perfect time. Check it out…

What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks? Of course we all know the answer is that a pound is a pound regardless of what you are weighing. Why then will someone think it would be crazy to drive across town to pick up one dollar yet they will go out of their way to save pennies on the price of gas?

The number one priority in finding the right business is the 5th step of the 5-step Business Evaluation System, finding a business that you are passionate about. If your business is something that you are excited about, making money will not only be fun, but it will be easy.

Finding the RIGHT business is going to determine the level of success that you have. Here is the 3rd step of this 5-step installment series to help guide you through this difficult process.

Here I reveal Step 2 of the 5-Step Business Evaluation System, finding a business with a proven and easily duplicated business system. This alone will dramatically improve your chances for success.

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