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Learn How To Play The Guitar And Guitar Chords ONLINE! One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn’t learn how to play the guitar and guitar chords when I was younger. It wasn’t about wanting to be “cool” or to get girls but rather just wanting to play for the love of […]

The Jar of Life… (Putting IMPORTANT Things FIRST) There is one constant in all of our lives and that is time. We all get 24 hours each and every day… …7 Days a week …52 Weeks a year …Who knows how many years any of us has left. What we choose to fill our time […]

Is there a downside to accepting responsibility? Accepting responsibility can be one of the most powerful decisions that a person can make. Rather than playing the victim and believing that they are a product of circumstances, thus giving up any chance of ever having control, a person that accepts responsibility effectively grabs the wheel and […]

Listen Now To Learn Who You Should Listen To. So now we have talked about the “Law of Association” and  you know that it is critically important for you to spend time listening to and learning from people that are more successful than you. Well this should come as no surprise then… They are the […]

Who you chose to spend your time with WILL have a significant impact on the results that you see in your life. Inherently we become like the people we spend our time with.  This is why parents are so concerned about the influences that are in their childrens’ lives. It’s called the “Law of Association.” […]

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