• SumoMe

What are you going to do
when you are presented with
your moment to shine?

We are all given opportunities to do something “great.”  To have our moment in the spotlight and to take advantage of an opportunity.

The question is, “will you seize the moment when that time comes?”

Check this guy out.  I love this video.

Yes, some will call him a fool.

Some will even laugh at him…

But I can guarantee you that he had a blast when he did this and now, his little “five minutes of fame” has gone viral.

This guy took full advantage of an opportunity at the moment it was offered to him.  He didn’t delay – he took action immediately and now he has this memory that will last a lifetime.

So the question remains…

Will you seize YOUR moment,
or will you just sit back, smile and
wave goodbye to your chance at glory?

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