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Being uncertain about a decision, especially a monumental decision, can be crippling and leave a person questioning their entire existence.  I know that sounds a bit harsh but it’s true.

The absolute worst place you can be when you’ve got a decision to make is to be hanging out on the fence.  Why is that?  Simple – because absolutely nothing gets accomplished when you’re riding the fence.  There’s no chance of moving forward and you might as well be moving backwards because staying put and watching the world go by might as well be the same thing.

Andrew Carnegie (yes, that Andrew Carnegie – the American Industrialist who revolutionized business) believed that you should be able to make a decision immediately once you had the necessary information about that decision.  If you had the info and sat on the fence, then you just weren’t the right person to be making that decision.

I think most people probably agree with that philosophy, at least to some extent.  But the problem comes in people’s perception of what constitutes having the “necessary information”.  This is a common trap and the result is that most people will hang on that fence in “analysis paralysis” or simply always feeling like they need more information to substantiate the decision.  They literally become trapped and are incapable of making the decision.

Nobody said making a decision was easy, especially not one that could impact your life.  The bottom line is this, successful people make the decisions and put themselves in action.  Yes, the decision might not be right and they may fail.  It could happen.  BUT, they might be right, in fact they’d probably be right and just the fact of them making the decision with confidence and acting accordingly will give them the proverbial upper hand, the edge.

All successful people have made a bad decision and failed but they learned from it and kept going.  The key is to remain in action and not let those fence posts be a pain in your ass.

The next time you have a decision to make, make it and get into action!

To your success,