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Unbelievable, right?  Over $34,000 for a one-ounce silver coin?   No way!

Guess again…

I was shocked when I saw this advertisement from Money Magazine (March 2010). Literally blown away.  Here’s the ad so you can see for yourself (click to enlarge):

Silver Eagles for $34,000

That’s the exact ad as it ran in the magazine. (Notice that it’s not an ad for Numis Network. Nope, it’s for First Federal Coin Corp and the $34,500 was paid at a September 2009 Heritage Coin Auction in Long Beach, CA.)

If the $34,500 wasn’t shocking enough, imagine my surprise when I saw the price that they’re charging for 2010 Silver Eagles. Did you notice that? Check this out, here’s what they’re offering:

1-4 coins for $149 each
5-9 coins for $139 each
10+ coins for $129 each

No question, these are beautiful MS70 (mint-state) Silver Eagle coins. They are graded and certified as PERFECT.

But here’s  the reason I find their prices so interesting — in Numis Network, we can buy the exact same coins for the wholesale price of only $99!

Better yet, when you consider that Numis Network offers you the opportunity to earn money from home by promoting Numis Network’s products….well, we’ve created an income stream that completely pays for as many coins as we want to buy!  We can basically get our coins for “free”!

No doubt about it:  you and I are going to be seeing a lot more ads like this one as time goes on.  Have you noticed that you can’t even turn on the TV without seeing someone talking about gold and silver?  (The low-end channels feature ads telling you to sell your gold and silver while the financial channels are telling you to buy it!)

Timing is everything right? So can you see why the timing for Numis Network is so incredibly perfect for anyone who is interested in earning an income by promoting gold and silver coins?

It’s not a fad but rather a smoking, red-hot trend…..and, as we both know, the key to creating wealth is “finding out where the money is going and getting in front of it”.

If you want to get preferred pricing on these coins and start building a beautiful collection of your own — OR if you’re serious about creating a large income from home in a FUN and EXCITING business — visit my website at http://www.7FigureDreams.com for details.

Numis is not a gold and silver investment program.  But, here’s a simple question we ask everyone:  “Imagine if you’d started collecting  gold or silver coins every month five years ago….do you think you would be financially BETTER off today?  Do you think you will be better off in five years if you buy a coin every month starting today and earn money along the way?”

If it makes sense to you, let’s talk!

Brian Pray