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Listen now to learn the most damaging word…

In the English language we usually equate “bad words” with 4-letter words.

Watching our “language” and our vocabulary is not only important relative to those who are in earshot but even more so for ourselves.  Especially when we are talking about “language” that can impact our ability to succeed.

There is a 3-letter word that is much more damaging.

It’s a dangerous word because so many people use it with an air of nobility.  They believe it to be a positive word when in fact, it inherently breeds failure.

The word is “TRY,” a sneaky thief that will rob people of their chance at success.

Used in the present or future tense and it refers to an attempt at something, but an attempt without certainty.

In the past tense it is used to describe failure.  (Seriously, have you ever said, “I tried this… and I did it!” No, you would have said, “I DID THIS!”)

The words that we choose to use can have a significant impact on our ability to achieve the results we want.

Choose your words wisely…


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