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Learn How To Play The Guitar
And Guitar Chords ONLINE!

One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn’t learn how to play the guitar and guitar chords when I was younger.

It wasn’t about wanting to be “cool” or to get girls but rather just wanting to play for the love of music.

Unfortunately, it never happened.  (You can pick the reason.)

As the years went on and responsibilities grew, time just didn’t permit me to learn how to play the guitar.

Then, when I hit 40 and really took a good hard look at my life and all the things that I had accomplished…

…and all the things I hadn’t…

…not learning how to play the guitar was one of my greatest regrets.

So why not learn now?

Damn straight, I thought… WHY NOT LEARN NOW?!?!

But my schedule was still hectic and I just couldn’t dedicate a specific period of time each week to taking lessons.

My business schedule and more importantly, my kids’ schedules just wouldn’t permit that.

At least not unless the instructor minded coming to my house at midnight.  Yeah Right.

So I needed to find something I could do at home (or really, wherever I was – YES, Jamorama runs on mobile devices) and to have the flexibility to do it whenever time permitted.

I needed to find an online guitar instructor.

Surely in the 21st century there was something worth while on the Internet.

Luckily for me, I found Mark McKenzie and his course, Jamorama.

Here’s a sample of one of Mark’s instructional videos:

The program is absolutely perfect for me.

It allows me to learn how to play the guitar by a highly trained professional via his online videos.

I can learn at my own pace.

I can learn around my busy schedule.

And I can tell you that in very short time I have been able to learn all my major and minor guitar chords.  (Not necessarily a great feat for some, but for me it is an amazing accomplishment in what will be the foundation to a lifetime of guitar playing enjoyment.)

If you want to learn how to play the guitar and you’re looking for the easiest and most convenient was to do it…

Give Jamorama a shot
and finally learn how to play the guitar
and guitar chords.

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