• SumoMe

The Jar of Life…
(Putting IMPORTANT Things FIRST)

There is one constant in all of our lives and that is time.

We all get 24 hours each and every day…

…7 Days a week

…52 Weeks a year

…Who knows how many years any of us has left.

What we choose to fill our time with will determine the kind of life that you will live.

Many people allow their time to be filled with too many little things, things that just don’t matter.  Before they know it, they are looking back on their life with a ton of regret because they didn’t spend enough time on the important things.

Typically these are the things that money can’t buy: your health, your family, your friends, things you love to do, fighting for a cause and taking time for yourself.

If you don’t fit the important things into your time and your life first, there will never be enough time for you to fit them all in.

Choose what you spend your time on wisely and it can reward you beyond your wildest dreams.

You can live the fulfilling, satisfying and happy life that you have always dreamed of…