• SumoMe

Have you ever realized that somewhere between being a kid and
growing up that it all of a sudden became Taboo to dream?

I’m not talking about dreams that you have while you sleep.

No, I am talking about those gigantic dreams you had as a kid…

You know, the ones where you became an astronaut, a professional
athlete or a movie star.

Yeah, I get that “reality” (or more correctly, skill and ability) may
throw a wrench into those plans but why the heck can’t we still have
dreams to live that lifestyle?

The truth is, if you’re not still dreaming you are selling yourself and
your potential way short.

I just launched a new podcast series
(you can visit that site here: www.AllYouWantInLife.com)

Here’s the inaugural episode where I talk about the power of dreams.

Make it a great day!