• SumoMe

Have you ever been to a local restaurant where they
have those special paper menus for the children?

You know the ones with the connect-the-dots and

It usually has a maze on it too. 

Either a circle or a square and you start your
pencil at one end and ride it on through to the
other end without ever picking the pencil point up.

It’s pretty easy.

Even for many kids.

That’s because you can look ahead to the decisions
that you will have to make in the future.

It’s pretty simple to say “Go left here,” if you know
what the next decision after that will be.

But life doesn’t often work out like that.

Life is more like a corn maze.  You are in it and
you can’t see a damn thing past the turn you
need to make right now.

You’re flying blind.

Sometimes getting up on that perch and seeing
the “overhead shot” is all you need to change your

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