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Before I get to the 5th step in the 5-Step Business Evaluation System, I want to briefly review the first four steps:

  1. Fills a need
  2. Find a Business with a Proven, Easy to Duplicate Business System.
  3. Leverage

    • Financial
    • Technical
    • People
  4. Strong cash flow and great profitability

While the first four steps take into consideration pretty much all you need to know about the business on a ‘business level’, the 5th step is going to be the most critical in regard to your success or failure because it will cover the emotional aspect of the evaluation.

The 5th step is to find a business that you are passionate about.


Unfortunately most people don’t like what they do. Do you know any of them?  Sure you do.  How do you know who they are?  Well, it’s pretty obvious, right?  They never smile, they seem burnt out and they’re just not pleasant to be around.

It’s hard to hide that type of emotion and if you select a business that doesn’t resonate with you or is something that you aren’t excited or passionate about then you are not going to be able to hide that emotion from others.

The easiest way to make money is to not be one of these people. When selecting your business you want to be able to move forward with absolute confidence knowing that the opportunity is something that you are excited about and committed to.

Business should be fun.  Making money should be fun and the more fun you have, the more money you should make.

If you’re not having fun then your either not doing it right or you’re just doing the wrong thing!

When you select a business that meets the 5 points covered in the 5-Step Business Evaluation System you will find that it is a fun and exciting experience to have your own business and that it’s easy to make money and live the lifestyle that you’ve always imagined.

Now you just have to go do it!