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What Would You Say If Your Child Asked… “Is Santa Claus Real?” It’s an age old question… What should I tell my child when they ask, “Is Santa Clause is Real?” I currently have a ten year-old and seven year-old twins who thankfully still believe in Santa.  I fear that my eldest will soon be […]

WestJet Airlines Brings Christmas Cheer [Video] I’m not a fan of too many major corporations and to be honest, before today I wasn’t even familiar with the Canadian airline WestJet. Now I am a huge fan of theirs and wish I had an opportunity to fly them. It is way better to give than to […]

Learn How To Play The Guitar And Guitar Chords ONLINE! One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn’t learn how to play the guitar and guitar chords when I was younger. It wasn’t about wanting to be “cool” or to get girls but rather just wanting to play for the love of […]

Do you have an iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet or any other mobile device that access the Internet? Odds are you do and you’ve probably noticed that many people rely on their devices as their primary form of connectivity to the Internet, foregoing their home based computers and laptops. Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and […]

I am thankful for so many things and for so many people that have touched my life. I am thankful for those who love me, like me and call me “friend” – you all mean the world to me. If you’ve made your way to read this, then I am thankful that our paths have […]

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