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Who you chose to spend your time with WILL have a significant impact on the results that you see in your life.

Inherently we become like the people we spend our time with.  This is why parents are so concerned about the influences that are in their childrens’ lives.

It’s called the “Law of Association.”

It doesn’t just cover basic behavior either.  It impacts your fitness, health, wealth and any other area of your life where you might be impressionable.

They best way for you to improve the results in your life is to simply surround yourself with people who are already achieving those results.

By nature you will start to become like them.

Want to be a better parent?    Hang out with people who are great parents.

Want to be healthier?  Hang out with people who are into health and fitness.

Want to earn more money?  Hang out with people who earn more money.

Too many people fall into the trap of accepting advice from people who are generating results that are no better than what they are currently achieving.  While they may not be trying to be malicious, they are undoubtedly squashing your chances at success.

The choice is yours… choose wisely!


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