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Listen Up If You Believe That
A Problem That Can Be Solved
With Money Isn’t A Real Problem?

I’ll admit, there is some outside truth to that statement but it doesn’t hold water for very long.

If you have a problem that can be solved with money, you absolutely have a real problem.  Just ask the thousands of people who are dealing with significant health issues as a result of the stress and anxiety that accompany money issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to trivialize people who have problems that cannot be solved.  Such as people with terminal illnesses or with permanent health issues.

They are in another category all together. (Their problems can’t be solved so yes, their problems are worse.)

I’m strictly talking about the flawed logic that some people have that problems that are centered on money don’t really count.  That somehow they aren’t real problems.

Honestly, in my life I have heard quite a few people utter that statement.  You know what, I don’t think any of them had money problems.  Isn’t that funny.

People think they’re sympathetic to this situation but in reality, at their best it’s empathy and often the gravity of the situation is lost on them.

There is great news though.  Problems that can be solved with money don’t have to be permanent!  They can be solved and unless irreparable health issues have resulted as a byproduct, the situation can be completely overturned.

So yes, if you have money problems.. they are real problems.  But you can turn them around.  You just need to stay strong enough to get through it.


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